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I am more than an operation.
In the mirror I see two faces: the ghost of what was and the shadow of what will be
I am more than an operation.
He or She sir or ma'am no one expects the day when in meeting me they don't know the words to say
I am more than an operation.
A person bigger than a fancy word label me if you must but know words aren't enough to capture who I am.
I am more than an operation.
Question my genitals I can see the cool innocence in your eyes but what do you see in mine but humiliation and exhaution
I am a person
My sin is in asking to be treated like one.
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Rape Culture
Trigger warnings : sexual violence
“What’s your name?”  I asked the nurse who had just come in to check my IV, who clearly had done this same task a hundred times and would do it a hundred more before his shift ends.
He looked at me, startled, as there is no reason for me to be awake. They had deposited me in this room 5 hours ago after the surgical attending decided I didn’t need surgery to repair the walls of my flesh that had been so violently torn earlier in the evening, and most patients were completely comatose at this point.
“Rory” he answered, with a smile. Its genuine warmth made me think I might have a chance here.
“Look, Rory” I said latching onto his eyes and refusing to let go, as if somehow my gaze could hold him there in place.
“I overheard the paramedics in the ambulance. They talked to the officers that responded to the 911 call, and I know they told them not to bother running a rape kit”
I took a deep br
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You are my brother, though it hasn't always seemed that way
I am your brother, I have something to say.
Regret. not loving my heart's blood as mine own
Debased. deflecting cruelty to your shoulders
Shame. participation in jibes much colder
Sand ignores all as it slips through the hourglass.
Respect. seeing a man where a boy once stood.
Respect. seeing mine mirror's reflection cast across your body
Pain. the guardian defiled his own soul; having betrayed his charge
Pain. duty ignored needs unmet pain inflicted pain received-
Adjective missing, to remember what has been missing
Inappropriate authority dominating young brothers
Victim made abuser
Apologies will never be enough
Breath of air.
Penance. mantle of duty once ignored now is donned
Regret. the time of brothers lost forever because mine repugnant weakness
Mine. heart's purpose stands singular in love
Love. Honored comrade, joy in standing by your side
We are brothers, this time, I won't forget
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Goodbye love
Shouting crying out demanding to be heard in the endless forest
Words that fall on deaf ears lose their meaning
Pleading, begging, windows to our souls interlocked
A beggar turned away has no livelihood
Stoic, steady hands sign a message
Repeating endlessly, but signed in darkness
Words carved into the frost on a window by fingers deliberate in their gradual pace
Your breathe melts them away, whisping into a dream
A final message slips away into the dreams of unconscious thought
Goodbye, my love
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Corpulent puss eviscerates maiden
Scintillating pillars of ice rise to the heavens
Primal rage burns dead heart
Plains of snow without end and frigid breath lost in the silent air
Classic fool jester simple suicide
Stoic face of stone untouched by the elements
Requited passion unrequited love, cunt
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Drive All Night
Its my favorite time of day
Moments stolen from a day without time
Seconds alive with the shine of your hair
Brief minutes as December's bite doesn't touch my skin
My heart warmed keeping with your determined pace
Its my favorite time of day
Driving you home at night
Its my favorite time of day
Holding your hair in the moonlight
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Silence shouts with zeal lost in smoke
Whispers fade to things unsaid
Words cast brazenly into the sun chase their own tails
Like a newborn kitten chasing itself to reckless abandon
Until they retreat into the shadows leaving no memories behind
Poets who forgot and became mimes
Gesturing mute without their words they are lost
Wandering alone having forgotten the path
Two halves kept apart by a lost uniform
Two wholes that are now halved
:iconliberaloncoke:LiberalOnCoke 1 0
Dancing in the Dark
Would you walk with me in the rain,
Some day.
Let the heavens' tears nurture our grace
Embracing under skies of fire,
blanketed in the grey of clouds passing by
Two lights amongst a million tiny flames.
Like an endless swarm of lightning bugs
In the dark.
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I commit to you
That your joy makes my heart soar
I commit to you
Your happiness is our happiness
I am committed to you
May my soul always give you what it needs to
I give you my commitment
Friends, lovers, soulmates, siblings, relationship undefined by definition
That you come before us, and therefore we are stronger than I
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Curling Twisting Contorted Stabbing
Maelstrom pulsing vortex of insanity
Sinking Fading Flight you Fight me
Despair can't hold on; the mask is not complete
One, Two, Three, Four, Five
Mask is on, porcelain reflected your pithy folly
Mask is on mask saves face
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Frederick's Cat
You understand
Slanted eyes loftily gazing into the hearth
Woe! Circumstantial inconvenience, babbled from my lips
A claw kneeds into the innocent flesh of my thigh
The designated petting hand pauses, as if to say
Good Madame, I do protest this most unnecessary harm to my character
A laugh escapes lips pursed from pain unexpected
"Yes you are, you always are"
I'm a lonely boy with my cat
Silly to dream of more
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Faux Queen
Peace inside out
Spun from within given without thought
I am the maid of honor for your wedding
More honor, than maid
A Queen, not afraid to be made.
Boiling madness threatens
Made of sin; worthless without virtue
I smile from the audience as the bride may now kiss the bride
A faux visage, broken shell, broken man.
A dichotemy within skin
War rages, the victor to take the spoils
What will be left
But fools and broken hearts.
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Rambunctious grin terrifies poor shopkeeper
Pity the boy, he has yet to realize
That the crushing monotony
Items unapologetic for endless quantity, making quid seduction with a scanner most felicitously
The droning wisp of fallen champions into awaiting plastic arms of a bag unseemly
And here is this smiling idiot
Refusing to be uncaring
Play the role, sir! his eyes beg
I cannot bear my humanity acknowledged
Breaking the dull grey of mistreatment that passes the hours by
No, says my smile. I thank you good sir,
Grateful is my being you give me the service of accepting green paper for things I hold dear.
It is not until the strange boy has left
That the shopkeeper's heart is warmed
Reminded of joy
:iconliberaloncoke:LiberalOnCoke 0 0
Medicate me, I dare you.
Confuse bliss with mania. I dare you.
Musty tomes with knowledge captured
Have little application in a world of soul.
A leaf on the wind-
A pebble basked in the sweet carress of a stream.
Joy is mine
So, should you tire of the slavery of the bookshelf
Join me, and may your heart be reminded how to live.
:iconliberaloncoke:LiberalOnCoke 0 0
Swimming at OHare
drowning in a sea of blanks faces
my eyes peruse, desperately seeking
like a man in the Pacific
on a september evening
for a place to land
briefly two travelers seen
through their soul window
a happenstance, apologies rise
shame over possible misconstrued familiarity
strangers by choice
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Correlation Coefficient
The wind suits me
A visceral beast,
Cold, without direction-
Or thats what they see.
But one who truly sees her
The joyous expression of freedom
The symmetry in the chaos
She is me and I am her.
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United States
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite photographer: Holly Horner
Operating System: Mac
MP3 player of choice: Not Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Garfield
Personal Quote: Chocolate is like sex; but without the unwanted pregnancy
THE BOSS Is coming to Buffalo NY (60 miles from me!) It is their last day in the tour AND RUMOR HAS IT Last day the E - Street band will play together!
Clarance is having some medical problems and poor Max has to ice his hands after a show.

Do I have a ticket? NO

do I have 900 bucks the scalpers are charging? NO

Am I going anyway and offering my body for one/praying for a last minute drop? HELL YES

Heres to hoping, they will be playing Greetings from Asbury Park in its entirety, sounds like an AMAZING show
  • Drinking: Mtn Dew


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